Project Development

The G2 Energy Export Complex, the centerpiece of an integrated system that includes upstream/midstream elements, will process, produce and sell 13 mmtpa (on average, 1.7 Bcfpd) of low-priced Net-Zero LNG with no emissions from the natural gas producing reservoir, through treatment and transportation, to liquefaction and delivery to the dock for loading on ships. Using comprehensive measures to deploy advanced technologies and innovative operational protocols throughout the supply chain and highly integrated systems and sites, G2 will capture economic and environmental benefits of net-zero energy production, processing and liquefaction.

G2 liquefaction trains and the shipping terminal will be located in Louisiana on 1266 acres on the Calcasieu Ship Channel, three miles north of the Gulf of Mexico. This much sought-after project site offers deep-water berthing facilities and quick access to global shipping lanes. The site also has the strong support of the local community and provides access to a well-trained workforce. FERC had previously approved the site for construction of an LNG regasification facility. Five interstate pipelines transit within 20 miles of the G2 LNG Energy Export Complex site. It is the largest remaining naturally scoured, deep-draft location in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico coastal area that is suitable for an LNG export facility.