G2 Net-Zero is an $11B energy complex which will profitably generate responsible electricity and a variety of affordable net-zero products to meet the growing world demand for more energy resources with less carbon.

In partnership with several global energy innovators including NET Power, Siemens Energy Inc., and EJM Associates LLC, the development will be the first to deliver a profitable portfolio of uniquely differentiated energy products while achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from production to the loading dock.

G2 Net-Zero is deploying best in class technologies and innovative protocols to generate electricity and industrial gases like argon, blue ammonia, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen by 2023. By 2027, G2 will be producing, transporting, processing, liquefying and exporting natural gas, all while leveraging the capture of 4 million tons of CO2.

The G2 complex, 1200 acres located in southwest Louisiana, offers short construction time, efficient use of capital and greater utilization of U.S. manufacturing facilities and workforce. G2’s environmental attributes and its commitment to social equity through early community engagement will streamline compliance requirements and accelerate licensing relative to other energy projects; reducing project costs, increasing value, and enhancing the ability to attract, train and retain a high-quality workforce.

Led by Chairman Charles E. (Chas) Roemer and CEO Angele Davis, G2 Net-Zero is committed to finding, developing and leveraging existing talent in Louisiana for careers in emerging energy and environmental technology, ensuring the continuity of the State’s robust industry-related workforce. G2 will create lasting social, economic and infrastructure benefits for Cameron Parish and the State of Louisiana while furthering America’s energy security and independence.

The net-zero attributes of the G2 energy export complex with its integrated systems will dramatically increase the marketability of G2’s products and expand the company’s value. G2’s major differentiators and its value proposition, plus one of the best remaining sites in the Gulf of Mexico, state of the art technologies, commitment to social equity and community, the capacity to yield a range of high-value products at its export complex, and its world-class development team – mean G2 Net-Zero is without peer in the growing global energy market.